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Quote/ Enquiry
Through personalised videos you can amplify new customer acquisition and maximise the human experience. Maximise product and service understanding at the start of the CX lifecycle.
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New Customer Onboarding
How you on-board new customers sets the tone for your ongoing relationship with them. Welcome new customers and members through a more human and dynamic customer journey utilising data driven personalisation in real time. Encourage signup for features that enable self management. Educate about features and benefits that will ultimately lead to reduced churn.
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Account Signup
Through personalised videos you can amplify new customer acquisition. Maximise product and service understanding at the start of the CX lifecycle.
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Renewal / Churn Reduction
Ensure a convenient and seamless renewal of policies in a targeted and timely way. Engage your customers at the right time, explaining and reviewing policy coverage, premiums and other details. Real time CTA via a more human experience amplifies retention.
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Video Statements / Billing
Deliver personalised video statements for new accounts, policies and memberships.
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Application Approval Processing
Congratulate people with a true wow factor. Explain features and benefits. Cross sell, upsell.
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Retention / Loyalty
Three-quarters of online customers belong to at least one program. Personalised video communications with members drive deeper engagement, leveraging the key drivers program success - benefits, account management and strength of communication.
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Survey Invitations
Enhance the survey experience through personalised video. Personalised video survey invitations earn you the right to receive customer and employee feedback via an automated real person who speaks to the customer personally. With personalised video invitations featuring a real person you can automatically close the loop with dissatisfied customers whilst demonstrating the correct level of human empathy.
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Mortgage Settlement
In partnership with MSA National, one of Australia’s leading home loan settlement facilitators, Personalised Video Lab has developed the first personalised settlement video program. Now, 32 lenders can deploy home loan settlement videos explaining completion procedures. On video completion a CTA button leads to the online DocuSign process.
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Personalised Internal Communications Employee Engagement
Personalised Video Lab helps you connect with your remote workforce in a new and engaging way.  Welcome new joiners, boost internal communications, employee morale, promote loyalty, compliance and improve talent retention. Through personalised video interaction with employees at the right time, you can maximise efficiency and productivity and a more human experience. Automated and at scale.

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