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Birmingham County Football Association (BCFA) has announced that it is working with Personalised Video Lab to deliver personalised video communication, making it the first UK sporting organisation to use this new ground-breaking advanced video technology.

The BCFA is using cutting edge personalised video technology to launch the new 2020/21 football season to its 1,150 affiliated regional club members via email and SMS.  

Personalised Video Lab transforms digital customer communications, using the power of one-to-one human connection, together with data and advanced video technology to deliver a state-of-the-art customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle, providing digital efficiencies through automation and scale. 

BCFA’s highly customised, data driven video communication integrates 1,150 affiliated club secretary and Football Club names, the number of teams each Club has affiliated along with the Club’s disciplinary record from the previous season and incorporates a variety of video footage of grassroots clubs that fosters pride and emotion while promoting their regions’ diversity and inclusion values and the BCFA vision; ‘Improving lives by improving football’, reflecting the power and difference that can be made together to improve lives in the community through the National game. 

Kevin Shoemake, CEO, Birmingham County Football Association

Kevin Shoemake, Chief Executive of Birmingham County Football Association said: “I was amazed when I was introduced to this technology and immediately saw it benefiting the Association with a more personalised welcome to the new 2020/21 football season.  

“We have come out of a challenging period due to Covid-19 but football had recommenced in earnest when the second lockdown was imposed, and grassroots football has once again had to pause.  As a result, the personalised video has come into its own during this period and helped us to personally thank and remain connected with our huge volunteer network with some key messages for them to consider during and after lockdown, and to show our support and appreciation which we hope will see them continue their 2020/21 season when allowed to do so.

“Personalised Video Lab has been fantastic throughout the project and understood what we were trying to achieve from day one.  Their knowledge and expertise has been critical, especially when everything had to be devised and developed remotely due to Covid restrictions. I would recommend Personalised Video Lab to any organisation who wants to stay connected and engaged with their customers in such a unique and personalised way. The feedback we’ve already received has been fantastic and welcoming during such a difficult and challenging time for all.”

Commenting on the partnership from Personalised Video Lab, Elle Sheppard, Regional Director, added: “We are delighted to have been chosen to work with Birmingham County Football Association on our first project since launching our subsidiary brand here in the UK.

“In the current Covid-19 situation when human contact is limited, the BCFA wanted to send a heart-felt thankyou from the CEO to all their members in a face-to-face format rather than use a standard bulk text email to show they value their members.  Our technology has helped them achieve this and create a more human, meaningful interaction with their key stakeholders.

“Customers of all organisations today want to be communicated in an empathetic and compassionate way. They also want to feel valued and that they matter. BCFA wholeheartedly believe and embrace this approach. Their key objective has been to make their members feel valued and appreciated whilst generating impact and providing key customised information on a one-to-one basis to each club secretary with efficiency and scale. 

“BCFA could clearly see how our video technology platform could help them achieve this in a differentiated way through a convergence of data, video technology and human connection. We are extremely excited to have worked with them to deliver this project.”

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